Bob Thomas doing Vol Baseball Play-by-Play on the Vol Network – March 22, 1986

The day I filled in for John Ward. I always loved doing play-by-play sports. I had done 100s of high school football games. So, on Saturday, March 22nd, 1986, Vol Network Producer Mark Dyer called me and said that John Ward had done one game in the TN-KY baseball series and was feeling ill. He asked if I could do the next game. I said YES, that would be great, I would start gathering all the information and prepare a board of the players for the game which I assumed was the next day. He said no time for prep, the game started in ONE HOUR at Lower Hudson Field. (It wasn’t Lindsey Nelson Field yet.) I rushed there and jumped into a game broadcast with NO INFORMATION. My color commentator was former Vol, Brad Bradshaw. I always felt that a baseball game should just be a conversation with the audience, not a nonstop barrage of stats. It should be fun, like Harry Caray did it. This is the first 12 minutes of the game broadcast. Locally it was aired on WIVK-AM. NOTES: The game featured Vol pitcher Rich Delucia who went on to play for Seattle and KY player Terry Shumpert who played for the KC Royals. Brad Bradshaw played for the Vols 1974-77. He led the team with 62 hits and 37 RBIs. Sadly, he passed in 2007 at 51. UT coach was John Whited. Vols went 10-17 SEC; 27-23 overall. Enjoy!

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