December Update from Commissioner Bob Thomas

Here is your December Update for Knox County!

Merry Christmas from the Thomas family! Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

***It is that time of Christmas Parades across Knox County and the Bob Thomas for Mayor supporters have been in most of them! See some of the pictures below.

*****My wife Kim and I are in the eighth month of our “Faith Tour” visiting a different church service each week. If you want us to visit your church please contact us at!

***The December Ed and Bob NIGHT OUT in Knox County will be different this month. Ed and Bob will be ringing the Salvation Army bells beside the Red Kettle at the Sears entrance to West Town Mall, Wednesday, December 13th, 5-7p. This will be our 35th community meeting in Knox County! Come out and talk with your Commissioners about any concerns and don’t forget to help us fill the red buckets for the Salvation Army! It helps fund their programs all year long for those who are less fortunate.

***Tuesday, December 12th the Knox County Schools Bus Driver Safety Awards will be held at 11:00am at Ted Russell Ford, 8551 Kingston Pike. Please join us for the 15 minute ceremony to show these drivers how much we appreciate them! Did you know…
1. The Knox County School Bus Driver awards were started May 2016 by At-Large Commissioner Bob Thomas to bring awareness to the hundreds of bus drivers that do an excellent job driving our children to and from school safely. 
2. There are approximately 375 Knox County School bus drivers.
3. Knox County bus drivers travel 20,000 miles A DAY! That’s like driving from Knoxville to Los Angeles and then BACK to Knoxville – FIVE TIMES…in ONE day. And all in rush hour.

These drivers have been graded with high marks by the Knox County School system, the contractors, the Sheriff’s Department and school staff.

***The November Ed and Bob NIGHT OUT in Knox County was at at Scott’s Place, 4700 Asheville Highway. Several citizens came by to talk with us and to enjoy some of the biggest hamburgers in Knox County!

Commissioners Thomas and Brantley with the owners of Scott’s Place

That’s a hamburger!






Knox County Commission will meet one week earlier in December due to the holidays.

In Commission news…


On Monday, December 11th at 5:00pm, the Knox County Commission will hold its regular monthly workshop. This meeting will take place in the Main Assembly Room of the City County Building.


On Monday, December 18th at 1:30pm, the Knox County Pension and Retirement Board will meet on the 6th floor of the City County Building in the Commission Conference Room. The Beer Board will meet at 4:00pm. The regular Commission meeting will begin at 5pm followed by Zoning at 7pm. Beer Board, Commission and Zoning will take place in the Main Assembly Room of the City County Building.


The Commission agenda has approximately 60 items. This month many of the items are from the School Board. There are 17 items from the School Board and 11 from Engineering and Public Works. School resolutions are merely a formality as they pass whether we vote for them or not. In zoning, there are 9 issues this month. Some resolutions that stand out are:


  1. Resolution approving a Priority School State Grant of $531,342 designated for four Knox County Schools.


  1. Resolution approving a Homeland Security Grant for $349,947 toward equipment and training.


  1. Resolution from the Mayor allowing citizens to use their camera phone to take pictures of documents during Freedom of Information searches.


Should you or any Knox County resident need assistance from Knox County government, please contact me at: or 865-309-4364

Seat 10 At-Large Commissioner of Knox County Commission

Chairman, Knox County Cable TV Committee

Chairman, Knox County Disability Committee
Knox County Development Corp Board
Knox County Pension & Retirement Committee
Knox County Parks & Recreation Board
Metro Drug Coalition Board
Dogwood Arts Festival Board
Young-Williams Animal Center Board
American Cancer Society Board
Arts & Culture Alliance Board
Community Television Board
Thompson-Boling Arena Use Committee