February 2016 update

This month the Knox County Commission will meet on Monday, February 22nd beginning at 4pm with the Beer Board, regular Commission at 5pm followed by Zoning at 7pm. The regularly monthly Work Session will take place on Tuesday, February 16 due to the 15th being President’s Day.

Among the items being considered this month:

  1. A Proclamation designating February 23rdas Spay Day in Knox County. The Young-Williams Animal Center, the county’s intake center for all animal control, is celebrating 50,000 spay/neuter surgeries since the summer of 2007.
  1. There are several Knox County School items which are voted on, but the vote has no affect since it has been legislated that all items sent from the School Board must be passed regardless of the vote. Among them are roofing upgrades for Spring Hill Elementary for $571,838; a mowing contract for up to $500,000/year; acceptance of a Haslam Family Foundation gift of $1.3M at several high schools; and approval of artificial turf installation at all high school football fields.
  1. Approval of $249,940 for the survey and design of the repair and/or replacement of 4 bridges in Knox County.
  1. Approval of a $1,000 grant to help promote the Farmers Market at New Harvest Park.
  1. Approval of a 20 year lease for the AYSO 337 fields at Tommy Schumpert Park.
  1. Approving an amendment to the Gay Street Redevelopment and Urban Renewal Plan for tax increment financing.

As for discussion items, Commission will be discussing Knox County’s Wrecker Service rates as well as some discussion about the progress of Safety Center committee.

There will also be a presentation by the Legacy Parks Foundation.

On February 16th, after the Work Session, the Arts and Culture Alliance will provide dinner for Commissioners while making their annual presentation in the Small Assembly Hall in the City/County Building.

Ed and Bob are headed back to Corryton for their next Ed & Bob Night Out in Knox County. Knox County At-Large Commissioners Ed Brantley & Bob Thomas will be at Henry’s Bakery & Deli at 7231 Tazewell Pike, Wednesday, February, 17th from 5p to 7p to meet the people of north Knox County and listen to their concerns. Ed and Bob feel that going out TO the people eases the strain on those who, because of work, commitments, financial situation or the distance to the City-County Building, cannot attend regular commission meetings. All elected officials, media and public are welcome to attend. This is not a commission meeting. There is no agenda. There will be no votes taken. And while you’re there join Ed & Bob as they have one of Henry’s Famous “Build Your Own” deli sandwiches!

Groundbreaking! On Friday, February 19th Knox County will break ground for the new middle schools. Gibbs Middle School at 11am and Hardin Valley Middle School at 1pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Early voting ends February 23rd, one week before Super Tuesday on March 1st. Get out and VOTE!

For the 5th year I will be the MC of “Doc Rock” on February 20th, 8pm at NV in the Old City. All the bands are made up of mostly doctors. All proceeds go to local medical charities. For more details go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/1643614339236860/

Should you or any Knox County resident need assistance from Knox County government, please contact me at Bob.Thomas@KnoxCounty.org or 865-309-4364.